What Is StoryBrand?

As a business owner or marketing director, it’s hard to not sound like “everybody else” when you talk about your product or services.

It’s also hard to stay away from confusing insider language and terminology.

StoryBrand is a marketing framework that gives companies the right words to say when they talk about their business.

You can then use those words to build your website, emails, landing pages, sales decks, keynote presentations, and on and on.

StoryBrand Certified Guides are professional marketers who have been trained to help businesses implement the StoryBrand framework across all of their marketing channels.

Different Guides have different specialties within their realm of marketing expertise, but we are all certified in the same fundamental StoryBrand skills.

No. I invested in the training and certification to better serve my clients. I used StoryBrand in my own business, and with my clients before I became certified. But once I saw how much better it worked, I knew that becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide would only help me do better work for my clients.