Good People Doing Good Work
Deserve to Have Marketing that
Actually Works

This isn't riverboat gambling.

You should know what to expect from your marketing.

Marketing is supposed to help you make money. But for some reason, it’s the one industry where you invest a lot of money, and then cross your fingers hoping it will work.

At Clarity Creative we work with founders and owners trying to grow their business. Instead of rolling the dice and hoping to get results, we help you be clear, compelling, and consistent with your marketing.

Since 2018, we’ve used tactics that work and that make sense for your customers. Giving you more leads and more sales…more often.

The Team at Clarity Creative

Brad Alexander

Founder & Lead Consultant

Brad has been a Certified StoryBrand Guide since 2018, and has worked in world of media and communications since 2005. Over the last 15 years, he has helped numerous leaders simplify their complicated ideas to create effective marketing and compelling communication campaigns that drive results.

Brad has a Masters in Media & Communication from Dallas Seminary. He cut his teeth in the most communication-heavy industry on the planet (the American church), and has since worked with CEOs, VPs, and Founders in multiple industries to find the right words and put them to work to grow their business.

Joanne Tribble

Project Manager

Joanne brings over 20 years of experience working in communications, promotions, and the administration of several educational programs and marketing campaigns. She’s a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and has been Clarity Creative’s project manager since 2021.

Joanne is responsible for the operational aspects of serving our clients and manages the planning, design and distribution of digital content and collateral.

Len Woods


A Louisiana native, Len earned a degree in journalism from LSU and a Master’s degree in Theology from Dallas Seminary. He’s been a magazine editor, author, ghostwriter, butcher’s helper, chauffeur, and pastor.
Now, as a Certified StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter, he helps good businesses use the power of clear words to find and serve more customers. You learn more about Len at lenwoods.com.

Andrew San Juan

Front-End Web Designer

Andrew is a WordPress developer/designer based in the Philippines. He has been a part of Clarity Creative’s team since 2020, and handles the majority of the websites that we design and create.

Aside from website development, he also has SEO experience (both on-page & off-page) and assists with graphic design as needed.