Join the Marketing & Communication Mastery Small Group

Launches Thursday, March 4th

It's time to follow-through on all of those things you've been meaning to do

Join the Marketing & Communications Mastery group.
You'll get it done and be confident that it's done right.

The Next Small Group Begins March 4th

here's what we'll cover

Become a Messaging, Marketing & Communications Master

Are you tired of constantly asking “So…what are we gonna say?”

Whether it’s websites, emails, blog posts, or social media, that’s the one question that keeps showing up. But you can make that a thing of the past.

Join the upcoming Marketing & Communications Mastery Small Group and 6 months from now you’ll be the one with all the answers. 

You’ll know how to create a clear message, build an effective sales funnel, and have a blueprint to quickly craft anything you need to communicate. 

I thought marketing my business would be a puzzle I never figured out. Brad, showed me otherwise and helped uncomplicate my approach. I feel more confident and motivated about marketing my business now.

Marketing & Communication Mastery
a 6 Month Small Group

Begins Thursday March 4th
$ 537
/ month
  • 2 x 90 min group sessions
  • 4-6 hrs / month of personal prep time
  • A step-by-step plan to track your progress
  • Expert guidance to learn while you create
  • Monthly 30 min personal check-in
  • 1 year access to businessmadesimple.com
This has been huge learning experience for me. I have learned more about copy and calling people to action in this short time working with Brad than I have in the past 7 years of business.
Karinda K
Owner, Karinda K Photography
Within 5 minutes of talking with Brad, we knew he could help us simplify things. Our relationship was more like a partnership. He really showed an interest in what we actually do was truly invested in our long-term success.
Mike Maran
Owner, Momementum Veterinary Management
“Brad has an open mind and worked very well with our group. He facilitated our discussion, that inspired us with ideas, and kept us on track to complete the work we know we needed to do.”
Tor Idhammar

This full video walkthrough is even better!

Because you deserve to know exactly what you're gonna get.
(plus you can play it at 1.5x speed and make me talk super fast)

Running your business
is demanding.

It’s precious. It’s complex. It’s beautiful and it’s yours.

You know you want coaching. But the last thing you need is to waste thousands of dollars listening to motivational speeches a couple times a month. Your business needs more than that. And frankly, you deserve better.

I’m not selling you “insider secrets” to “unlock your true potential.” I’m here to help you learn, to help you understand, and to help you do what you need to do the most…to follow through.

Brad Alexander - BMSU Certified Coach
& StoryBrand Certified Guide

Here's How Coaching Works

1. Get Coached

Your growth will be based on the success-proven content provided by Business Made Simple University. You’ll commit to 2 coaching sessions a month, plus a few hours of personal prep time between each session.

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2. Put it to Work

Vague encouragements won’t make you money. After every coaching session you’ll know exactly what training to work through, and what materials to prepare. You deserve to know that your investment is creating a product that’s going to build your business. 

3. Do a Happy Dance

Research proves that coaching, when combined with professional training, gives an average ROI of at least 6 times the cost of the investment made. That’s a statistic I’d like to see you become.

Growth is a sign of health

Stop trying to go it alone. Get the coaching you need to start growing today.